Our products

Muscepts produces and publishes quality music education resources for use in primary and secondary schools.

Resources are produced for both teachers and students. They are designed to be exciting, relevant, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the music curriculum.

The Music Magic resources are available in either printed book form, or in electronic (Adobe PDF) format. These printed books and electronic versions are photocopyable by the individual or institution that has purchased the resource. This permission to photocopy does not extend to branches or additional schools of an institution. All other copying is subject to permission from the publisher Muscepts Limited.

You can also purchase a class set of Music Magic, consisting of the Teacher's Manual with a CD-ROM of additional material, 20 (or more) Student Workbooks, and a photocopyable Supplementary Lesson Book. The pricing for class sets depends on the number of Student Workbooks that are ordered.

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The latest pricing, terms and conditions of sale, and our order form for the Music Magic products are available for our Australian customers by clicking here. For our New Zealand customers, the price list can be obtained by clicking here.

Inspection copies for the Teacher's Textbook and the Student Workbook are available on request. Contact us for details.