Muscepts video material

We have a number of videos that help explain key elementary music concepts to students, such as rhythm, pitch, and music notation. Teachers might find these resources useful to introduce these key concepts to students with no previous background in music. Associated with these videos are three worksheets that reinforce the information contained in the videos, as well as answer sheets for teachers.

The intention of these videos is that they should be used as a teaching tool, alongside other activities. While they can be used by the students themselves without individual involvement, they are most effective when the student participates in the activities in the videos, such as clapping rhythms, or challenging themselves to remember key concepts.

The Elements of Music

This video introduces the elements of music, including the concepts of beat, rhythm, pitch, expression/dynamics, phrasing and articulation. The video introduces the material step-by-step, with no prior assumptions concerning the student's knowledge in music.

Introduction to Pitch

This video introduces a logical method of teaching students the musical alphabet, pitch identification and notation.

Introduction to Rhythm

This video teaches beat and rhythmic awareness and simple rhythmic notation.

Worksheets for videos

There are worksheets that are relevant to each video, and these are intended to reinforce the video material. Along with the worksheet itself is an answer sheet for the teacher. These worksheets are available on request. You can contact me directly at to get these worksheets.

Alternatively, fill in the form below and I would be happy to send you the worksheet material. Check that the email address you enter is correct since the worksheets will be sent to you by email.

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